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current selection of brands we represent


Bold Hat Makers Since 1895. We're proud of our heritage but it should never define who you are today. We keep our approach honest and innovative in order to provide what;s certain to build a better future for hats and those who wear them, together.

Steel & Barnett

Originally started as a personal project by Yoshi and Steffie, two young entrepreneurs, STEEL & BARNETT is growing into a global brand. Since the start in 2015, we have focused on creating “wrist outfits” with different raw materials.


SMF is a strong brand in Portugal in the area of ​​Fashion Clothing and Accessories, whose target is a wide range of consumers, since SMF presents every season a wide variety of new designs for the female / male audience, at the most competitive prices.


Mighty Tighty

Karl Mommoo Homme

Combining Neapolitan sartorial tradition with textile innovation,we are a family-run company, now in its third generation 🇮🇹

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